Related Standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-10 L-828

  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual to

  • IEC 61822

  • STANAG 3316


  • Is supplying output current levels for series lighting circuits on airport runways and taxiway lighting


  • IEC 61822 Certified
  • Regulators are static type and thyristor controlled. Primary and secondary windings are seperated from each other.
  • All regulators are air cooled.
  • Regulators can be controlled by a control unit on them or by remote control from up to 3000m, by means of 0,9 mm diameter cupper conductors or FO cables
  • Digital monitoring unit show circuit current, open circuit, overload, overload errors and voltage drops.
  • Regulators can be produced with five different brightness levels as well as with a single level.
  • Power can be between 1 kVA up to 30 kVA
  • All CCR’s can be operated control tower desk by RS232/RS485 with DAC/ADC PLC modules