Related Standards

  • FAA AC 150/5345-56 L-890

  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Part 5 Para. 3.4.2


  • In controlling and monitoring the operational status of the lighting systems


  • Esthetic appearance and easily mounted construction
  • Consists of two sections, first is the mimic diagram and second part has control keys
  • Mimic diagram is designed and produced according to the plans provided by the airport authorities. All the systems provided will be shown on the desk. It is possible to add future developments to the mimic diagram.
  • Remote control desks are be produced upon request
  • Each system has a special software, touch screen monitor and industrial type PLC modules according to airport plan
  • Signalization on the remote control desk is done by fiber optic cable
  • Remote control voltage is 48V DC and the brightness controlled by a switch
  • All the circuits belonging to the special lighting unit will be controlled by keys belonging to these units
  • With the active runway threshold selection switch the positions of flash, papi, threshold and runway end lights will change automatically
  • The desk will be designed to control the regulators in 5 and the flash lights in 3 different brightness levels
  • Regulators, wind tee, wind cone and light in operation will be demonstrated on the mimic diagram with a signal lamp.
  • In case of a circuit failure, the signal lamp belonging to that circuit will flash in addition to a buzzer. Alarm signal will continue flashing until the buzzer is shut and the circuit is fixed.
  • Necessary terminal blocks for control and supply cables are present
  • All the necessary keys for the system will be delivered with the desk